Required And Optional Equipment

This Is What You Need To Play At Llanerch Hills And Some Suggestions For Add-Ons

Updated Friday March 8, 2019 by Llanerch Hills Baseball & Softball.

All players at all age levels will need a glove and cleats.

A water bottle ,disposable or not is also essential equipment. Hydration is very important.

For players ages 7 and up:

You should add a bat, a batting helmet, an athletic supporter and cup and a bat bag.

Further information below:

Bats: Llanerch Hills Baseball follows the USABat standards. The standard is detailed in another post on the site. Softball is only allowed to have aluminium bats, no composite.

Batting Helmets: Softball requires all helmets to have a chin strap and a face mask. These are optional for baseball as they are not required by rule.If you feel your child would benefit from these attachments,by all means purchase them. There are helmets with face masks available for baseball. They are kept in the shed due to the constant threat of theft.However the best solution is for your child to have his own.

Bat Bags : Simple ,but effective. If everything goes in the bag ,you always know where it is.

Athletic Supporter And Cup : Mandatory for baseball. There are good articles online about sizes and fitting. They might not like it,but they have to wear it. They do make them for girls. It is not required by rule but they should be looked into. Getting hit in that area is not pleasant for anyone of either gender.

Optional, But Important

Torso Protection: If you feel that your child would benefit from having their torso protected there are various products available from Evo-Shield, Easton, Under Armour and Heart-Gard. These cannot be provided by the league due to size and cost. They can be found at any sporting goods store.

Sliding Pads/Shorts: If your daughter plays in a division with shorts, a sliding pad or shorts can be a big help. They are highly recommended for divisions in long pants also.

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